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Things you must know about Contract Works Insurance

1.  Who needs Contract Works Insurance? 

 Anyone involved in construction, maintenance, installation, or repair services.         

         2.  Why should you take out Contract Works Insurance?

While projects are still being completed, they are often in a very fragile state. Without the finished supporting, storms and winds can wreck havoc on exposed surfaces. Materials are at risk of being stolen or maliciously damaged whilst the project awaits final security. Having to redo your project on your own account will severely set back your company. Contractors all Risks will protect your project until it has reached practical completion. It will also cover your materials whilst in storage, whilst en route to and whilst at your site.
Very Importantly, Contract Works Insurance also includes Liability cover. As you work on third party sites, you are allways at risk of injuring third party people or damaging their property. This can be as innocent as hitting an underground pipe to a roof tile falling on a nearby car. The consequences of these small mistakes can however be vast. it is for this reason that more and more principals wont even allow contractors on to the site with out proof of their liability insurance. 

3.  How much does Contract Works Insurance cost?

Very little!  We have a large book of clients with many different insurance companies, so we will be able to find the most beneficial policy with the cheapest premiums for your business.

     4.  Typical claims incurred on Contract Works Insurance policies:

The most common claims on Contract Works Insurance policies involve theft of materials, materials being damaged whilst en route to site, surrounding property being damaged whilst the project is being completed, rain falling on exposed parts of existing structures, damages by storms and lightning. The most expensive claims tend to be caused by fires, liability caused by defective workmanship, injuries to third parties and damages caused to underground or overhead services.  

    5.   What other insurance should be considered along with Contract Works Insurance? 

Most principals insist on liability cover being in place on all projects.  Contract Works Insurance will automatically include cover for Public Liability.  We will also automatically include cover for Surrounding Property (take note that not all policies automatically include this).  We can also assist you if your principal requires a performance bond, employers liability insurance or general works insurance.  We can also insure your tools, vehicle, laptop or whatever other assets assist you in the completion of your projects.   


Please note that we can only insure projects based in Sub-Sahara Africa.

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